• Spotted: March

    Posted by Drove Orchards

    We work closely with our neighbours the Norfolk Ornithologists' Association at Holme Bird Observatory. They monitor the bird and wildlife at Drove Orchards and help us manage the area.

    Sophie Barker, warden of the Norfolk Ornithologists’ Association based at Holme Bird Observatory wrote at the beginning of March:

    ‘Frenzy on the Marsh – the grazing marsh was a real spectacle this week, with many hundreds of Pink-feet, Brent Geese, Wigeon,...

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  • Spring at Joyful Living

    Posted by Drove Orchards

    ‘With the popularity of open plan living, kitchen extensions and bi-fold doors the outdoors has never been more indoors at home,’ says Jo Griffiths of Joyful Living here at Drove Orchards.

    ‘The joy of nature inside the home is particularly prominent in spring; with new growth and cuttings a plenty, we can fill our homes with beautiful texture.  

    ‘This month at the store, we are focusing on faux plants...

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