We are very proud of our heritage here at Drove and we’re also passionate about teaching young people about our orchards, kitchen garden and the importance of fresh, seasonal produce. 

We welcome schools to visit and learn about our orchards and give the children a fun and educational day from May when the orchards are at their prettiest full of  blossom or autumn when the fruit is ready to pick - they can try lots of different varieties and try their hand at making their own juice!

We have an East Anglian Heritage Orchard where you can walk and find the apple varieties from where you live.

We would love to encourage young people to consider Horticulture as a worthwhile and interesting choice of career.

It's not just the young we encourage to come and learn about our orchards - everyone at any age is welcome to visit and explore either with a group of like minded people or come and enjoy a walk on your own.

If you would like to book an accompanied tour please call Sue Hall on 07825581857 for available dates 



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